Esperanto-USA National Congress 2017

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Opening Reception (Friday, 19:00 to 22:00, Main Building)

Meet your fellow Esperantists, chat, catchup with friends and enjoy cheese and fruit.  Informal time to relax and get ready for a busy couple of days.  Host: Kristofo Johnson the chair of the local kongress committee.

Congress Opening Session (Saturday, 09:00, Jones Lecture Hall)

Session Leader: Orlando Raola.

Keynote Speech (Saturday, 10:00, Jones Lecture Hall)

We are very fortunate to have Humphrey Tonkin will give the congress keynote speech entitled "An Esperanto Agenda for North America."

Plans for Duolingo (Saturday, 11:30, Zamenhof Room)

Session Leaders: Lee Miller and Margo Cohen

What is Computer Modeling? (Saturday, 11:30, Don Houpe Room)

One often mentions the "computer modeling" of the climate or economy or a black hole. What is it? Why is it so central to every aspect of current science and technology?  What does the computer do?  What should a person do to give appropriate instructions to the computer?  How much should we have confidence in the treatment of complicated situations?  The presentation will give a basic understanding of the topic, and with make clear the programming aspects by means of a demonstration of VPython, which makes possible surprisingly simple programs, which create three-dimensional moving pictures.  Session Leader: Bruce Sherwood

Computer Help Session #1 (Saturday, 11:30, Eugene Thompson Room)

Bring your computer, tablet or smart phone and get help installing Apps, programs to type Esperanto characters, etc.  Session Leader: TBD

KER Exam Information Session (Saturday, 14:00, Zamenhof Room)

Learn about the KER Esperanto exams and which level you should sign up for (B1, B2 or C1). Learn how to sign up and the schedule for the exams on Sunday.  Session Leader: Katalin Kovats

Meet the Esperantic Studies Foundation (ESF) Board (Saturday, 14:00, Don Houpe Room)

Learn about ESF and the many programs ESF sponsors (which include NASK,, Tekstaro and many other not so well known tools used by Esperantists.)  Session Leader: Wally du Temple

Esperanto-USA Business Meeting (Saturday, 14:00, Eugene Thompson Room)

Session Leader: Orlando Raola

Zamenhof's Milieu: Bialystok, Warsaw, East Central Europe (A Polyglot Region: Why Not One More Language?) (Saturday, 15:30, Zamenhof Room)

Come on a guided tour with Dr. Mark Fountain through the places Dr. Zamenhof lived and learn why East Central Europe in the the mid 1800's was fertile ground for the birth of Esperanto.  This talk will be in English. Session Leader: Mark Fountain.

"Amerka Asocio de Instruistoj de Esperanto" (AAIE) ["Amerkan Association of Teachers of Esperanto" (AATE) (Saturday, 15:30, Don Houpe Room)

"Amerka Asocio de Instruistoj de Esperanto" (AAIE) ["Amerkan Association of Teachers of Esperanto" (AATE)] is an organization of teachers which brings together teachers of Esperanto not only in the USA and Canada <> but also globally with the Internacia Ligo de Esperantistaj Instruistoj (ILEI) <> which publishes the quarterly review  INTERNACIA PEDAGOGIA REVUO ((IPR) kaj administers the website <>.  During our meeting a panel of experts will discuss the present problems related to the on-line teaching of Esperanto, for example via Duolingo. Expert Panel: Ron Glossop, Duncan Charters, Margo Cohen and Liĉjo Miller.

Esperanto Games (Saturday, 15:30, Eugene Thompson Room)

Improve your Esperanto and meet new friends playing games.  Session Leader: TBD

Computer Help Session # 2 (Saturday, 18:00, Eugene Thompson Room)

Bring your computer, tablet or smart phone and get help installing Apps, programs to type Esperanto characters, etc.  Session Leader: TBD

Evening of Entertainment (Saturday, 19:00, Leggett Theater, Main Building, Second Floor)

Sing, Tell a Joke, Dance or Play a Song, You'll Laugh, Cheer and have fun.  Entertain your friends and be entertained.  Master of Ceremonies: Orlando Raola

KER Exams (Sunday: 09:00 - 17:00, Zamenhof Room)

Gender Identity and Being Transgender. (Sunday: 09:00, Don Houpe Room)

What do we mean when we talk about gender?  When do we gender people
and things, and why?  What happens to people who fall outside our
popular assumptions about gender -- people who are intersex,
transgender, or otherwise gender non-conforming?  Learn about what it
means to be transgender and hear from a transgender woman about her
experiences, with an opportunity to ask questions. Session Leader: Julie Schwartz.

Local Groups: Ideas for Invigorating Esperanto in your city and region. (Sunday: 09:00, Eugene Thompson Room)

This is a discussion about local clubs with participant involvement. We will work together to find out what some of our local Esperanto groups are doing and not doing. What kind of challenges are we facing? How can we help one another? What do our members want? What do we need to do to provide a rich life experience for the newcomers? What are we doing to inform the non-Esperanto public? What do we want to gain or learn from the many beginners using and We want to leave this session with a plan for helping one another and for knowing how Esperanto-USA as an organization can help our groups and clubs. Session Leader: Filipo Dorcas.

Children Around the World (Infanoj Ĉirkaŭ la Mondo) (Sunday: 10:30, Don Houpe Room)

"Infanoj Ĉirkaŭ la Mondo" ["Children Around the World"] is an organization which everywhere in the world helps those who teach Esperanto to children.  It has a trilingual (English, Esperanto, Spanish) website <> with songs, booklets, and videofilms.  It also sends booklets, paper, pens & pencils, and money for computers to poor people who need them, especially in the southern part of Africa.  Come and get to know about our work.  Session Leader: Ron Glossop.

Anthology of Canadian Literature In Esperanto Translation and 150th Anniversary of Canada as a Nation (Sunday: 10:30, Eugene Thompson Room)

Anthology of Canadian Literature in Esperanto Translation (First 30 minutes). This illustrated session will include a report about the progress to create an 'anthology of Canadian Literature In Esperanto Translation'. A website has been made for that purpose. Is there the possibility of synergy between the Canadian team and a similar team in the USA that could prepare an American Anthology in Esperanto? Session Leader: Wally du Temple.

150th Anniversary of Canada as a Nation (Second 30 minutes). During the 150th anniversary of Canada as a nation the session will examine the importance of rivers in the history of Canada. The presentation will be illustrated by pictures. Session Leader: Wally du Temple.

Esperanto-USA Business Meeting (Saturday, 14:00, Don Houpe Room)

Session Leader: Orlando Raolo

Excursions (Sunday, 14:00, Meet in the Eugene Thompson Room)

Guide for Visit to Museums: Paige Feldman

Guide for Visit to the Mordecai House: Chuck Mays

UEA Delegate Reception (UEA Delegates Only) (Sunday, 1730, Location TBD)

You are welcome to join the UEA Delegate Reception if you are interested in becoming a UEA delegate.  There is no cost to join, but you must be a member of UEA.  Filipo Dorcas, the UEA chief delegate for the US will host this event.

Banquet (Sunday, 18:00, Belk Dining Hall)

Enjoy the buffet and time with friends.  Filipo Dorcas will bring us up to date on "The Gazette Campaign of UEA"

Banquet Keynote Speech (Sunday, 19:00, Belk Dining Hall)

We are very fortunate to have Katalin Kovats as our keynote speaker talking about "How Should We React to the Duolingo Effect?"

How Polyglots learn languages (Monday, 09:00, Zamenhof Room)

Polyglots, or speakers of multiple languages, not long ago started to organize conferences, meet ups and training sessions to communicate the most successful way to acquire other languages.  What can we learn from them to facilitate our more rapid appropriation of Esperanto and other languages.  Session Leader: Duncan Charters.

International Activities with UEA (Universala Esperanto-Asocio (Monday, 09:00, Don Houpe Room)

This discussion will provide information about what UEA is, how you can be a part of international relationships, and why. We will learn about what UEA is doing and how that relates directly to us and to our local Esperanto groups in the USA. What does it mean to be a member of UEA? What does it mean to be a delegate? Session Leader: Filipo Dorcas.

Congress Closing Session (Monday,10:30, Jones Lecture Hall)

Session Leader: Orlando Raola.