We’re having a post-congress camping trip in the famous Mt. Rainier National Park from July 16 until July 19. This is a great opportunity to extend your time in Esperantujo and see not only the city but also the beautiful natural environment in this part of the world.

We’ll be camping at the Cougar Rock campground, about 2 hours from the congress by car (about 100 mi. or 160 km). The campground is 3,180 ft. (970 m) above sea level. Summers in the park are dry and cool, with temperatures generally between 60-80°F (15-27°C). The weather in the park can vary, so visitors should come prepared.

We’ll have a group campsite with drinkable water, flush toilets, and picnic tables. In the summer the park offers many opportunities for hiking, rock climbing, and seeing natural wonders including forests, waterfalls, and wildflowers. The campsite also has an amphitheater where educational programs are offered.

If you’re coming by plane (or if you just don’t go camping that often), we can help you borrow, rent, or acquire the equipment needed for the experience. We’ll also organize transportation to and from the campground and appreciate any help you can provide.

This event is separate from the congress and has its own registration. If you’re interested, read and fill out the registration form. The U.S. National Park Service has more information about the campground.


So far, 14 people have signed up:

  • Gary Anderson
  • Simmon Barney
  • Anna Burenius
  • Tomas Frejarö
  • Arlyn Kerr
  • Les Kerr
  • Lion Kimbro
  • Hendrik Lönngren
  • Måns Palmstierna
  • Amanda Higley Schmidt
  • Autumn Schmidt
  • Danielle Schmidt
  • Chuck Smith
  • Nikvo Woods

Last updated: July 8

Photo: Joe Mabel/CC-BY-SA 3.0