Free Public Lecture by Chuck Smith

Whet your appetite for a sampling of the planned language of Esperanto, spoken all over the world. Discover everything from events, music and literature to how to get the most out of Esperanto in your daily life and while traveling. What once began as a project of ideals in 1887 has turned into a fully developed worldwide community with practical applications in 2018. See for yourself why so many have been learning this beautiful and flexible language for free on Duolingo and

Chuck SmithChuck Smith is the CTO and founder of Amikumu, an app to find language partners nearby with members in 135+ countries who speak 500+ languages. He led the development of the Esperanto course for English speakers on Duolingo as well as founding the Esperanto version of Wikipedia. In 2015, he was named Esperantisto de la Jaro (Esperanto Speaker of the Year) for his work on Duolingo. Currently over a million people are learning Esperanto on Duolingo’s Esperanto courses.

Time: 8:30 PM, Saturday, July 14

Location: Seattle Pacific University – Demaray Hall (509 W. Bertona St.), Room 150

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This event is being held as part of the National Congress of Esperanto-USA and the Canadian Esperanto Association. Anyone interested in learning more about Esperanto is encouraged to sign up for the congress, which runs July 13-16. For more information, see the main page.

Photo: Anna Koniecpolska, Pola Esperanto-Junularo/CC BY-SA 2.0